Adani Solar Solar Panel Price in India

About Adani Solar Panel

Incepted in 1988, Adani Group is one of the largest conglomerates with Resources, Logistics, Energy and Agri industry. It has established Adani Solar for PV manufacturing and EPC to become an integrated solar company in India. With cutting edge technology and equipment, it offers services across the gamut of photovoltaic manufacturing. It functions with an aim to help in cost leadership, operations scalability and reliability as per international standards.

Adani Solar is known for having the largest solar cell and module manufacturing facility. It has become an exceptional achiever Quality, Bankability and Reliability in the country. Its product range includes Encore – Multi crystalline, Eternal Mono PERC and Elan – Bifacial.

Adani Solar Panel Price

Adani Solar Panel price in India varies from its product offering. The multi crystalline panel starts at Rs. 23 per watt for 345-watt solar panel and goes up to Rs.34 for 100 watts panel. However, the price of Mono PERC starts from Rs. 25 per watt for 375- watt panel.

Price List of Adani Solar Panel
Solar Panel Model Selling Price Price per watt
355watt solar panel Rs. 8875 Rs.25/w
360 watt solar panel Rs.9000 Rs.25
365 watt solar panel Rs.9125 Rs.25
330W Tata Solar Panel Rs.9250 Rs.25
370 watt solar panel Rs.9375 Rs.25
375 watt solar panel ₹ 8700 Rs.25
  • Adani Solar Panel price is negotiable.
  • Safety is the core in each panel.
  • Special discounts on bulk orders is available.
  • Dealers and retailers get the best price.
  • Solar panels are extremely reliable as per weather conditions.
  • Incredible track record in ensuring life time maintenance.

Features of Adani solar panel

  • Adani solar is a Tier 1 Bankable module manufacturer.
  • Adani Solar Panels are Torsion and Corrosion resistant.
  • The panels have anodized aluminium frame.
  • The Multi Crystalline modules are energy efficient and have 3% higher energy output.
  • Manufactured with state-of-the-art module manufacturing technology.
  • Mono PERC modules have excellent low light irradiance performance
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Adani Solar System Price

The complete price of Adani Solar system depends on the category of the solar power system chosen. The pricing of on-grid, off-grid and hybrid system is the key differentiator in calculating the overall cost along with the type of modules offered by Adani Solar.

To deploy a fully integrated solar power system with Adani solar, the price starts from Rs. ________ for __kW solar system. It goes up to Rs. ________ for __kW solar system. The system is completely reliable and safe with Multi-Crystalline and Mono PERC modules. Under such reasonable pricing, Adani Solar has multi-layer encapsulation for better module protection.

Multi crystalline solar panel price list
Model Price Per watt(Rs)
100 Watt  solar panel Rs.3400 Rs.34
150 Watt solar panel Rs.5100 Rs.34
260 Watt solar panel Rs.7800 Rs.30
270 Watt  solar panel Rs.8100 Rs.30
315 Watt solar panel Rs.7875 Rs.25
320 Watt  solar panel Rs.8000 Rs.25
325 Watt solar panel Rs.7475 Rs.23
330 Watt  solar panel Rs.7590 Rs.23
335 Watt  solar panel Rs.7705 Rs.23
340 Watt  solar panel Rs.7820 Rs.23
345 Watt solar panel Rs.7935 Rs.23

Above prices are after including tax, transportation and installation(No Hidden Charges). You can see the working, area required and complete products detail of these solar systems below.

Additional specification

Particular Description
Maximum power 330-350wp
Types of solar panel Multi crystalline
Warranty 10-25 yrs
Open circuit voltage 44.86-45.87v
Short circuit current 8.9 – 9.4 A
Maximum power voltage 35.61-37.21V
Maximum power current 8.71-8.87 A
MNRE proved Yes
Brand Adani solar
Call orientation 72 cells
Application class Class A
Superstrate High transmittance ARC glass
Substrate Tri layer backsheet
Frame Anodized aluminium frame with twin wall profile
Mechanical load test as per IEC & UL 400 Pa – front , 2400 Pa-backpack
Maximum series fuse rating  15 A
Temperature range -40Degree C -85DegreeC
Module efficiency 15.30-6.84%
Length 1976 mm
Width 992 mm
Height 35 mm/40mm
Weight 22 kg/35 mm/27 kg 40 mm
Junction box IP67
Cable length 1200 mm
Minimum order quality 5000 watt

This is the complete 1kW Adani Solar System with all accessories as per site.