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About Luminious Solar Inverters

Luminious is one of the most powerful brands to manufacture a wide range of solar products. From solar power solutions to home electricals, it covers all essential products for residential and commercial spaces. It has a broad range of solar inverters and UPS depending upon the load and technology. Broadly, Luminious manufactures NXG, NXT PCU, NXi Grid Tie and Cruze Solar.

NXG inverter is a hybrid UPS range built with ISOT technology that can charge from Grid and Solar. The NXT PCU range of inverters has inbuilt MPPT charge controller, suitable for solar applications. To maximize savings, Luminious offers NXi Grid Tie inverters that are used for running loads while exporting the excess energy to the utility grid. The Cruze Solar inverter by Luminious is one of the most economical range of inverters that runs heavy loads and offers extreme efficiency.

Luminious Solar Inverters Price

The price range of Luminious solar inverters and UPS starts from Rs. 2,920 for a 300VA/ 12V inverter. The price range goes up to Rs. 65,370 for Cruze shine 7.5kVA/120V Solar Inverter. They have inbuilt charge controller that ensure 98% efficiency and saves 1 to 10 units per day.

Luminious Solar Inverters Price List 2020

Price List of Luminious Solar Inverters
Model/VA Price Rs.
NXG350 300VA/12V Solar Inverter Rs.2,920
NXG750 500VA/12V Solar Inverter Rs.4,469
NXG1100 850VA/12V Solar Inverter Rs.5,575
NXG1400 1100VA/12V Solar Inverter Rs.6,948
NXG1800 1500VA/24V Solar Inverter Rs.7,818
Cruze-shine 3.5kVA/48V  Solar Inverter Rs.23,102
Cruze-shine 5.5kVA/96V Solar Inverter Rs.48,293
Cruze-shine 7.5kVA/120V Solar Inverter Rs.65,370
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