Luminous Solar Panel System Specification and Price

About Luminous Solar Panel

Luminous solar offers a complete range of solar products for sustainable environment. It manufactures solar panels, solar inverter and solar battery to deploy fully integrated solar systems. It has 7 manufacturing units with more than 28 sales offices in India that makes it easier for the company to focus on innovation and execution.

Luminous is an award-winning company that has been listed as India’s most Trusted brand in the category of Power Products in ‘The Brand Trust Report, India. Under the range of solar products, it manufactures solar PV panel, solar UPS & inverter, solar controller, batteries, package and calculator. With advanced technology solutions, it offers Polycrystalline panels and Monocrystalline panels for Indian weather conditions.

Luminous Solar Panel Price

Luminous Solar Panel price in India depends upon the category that needs to be installed. It has an extensive product range for embedding complete on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar power plant in residential and commercial spaces. Moreover, the Polycrystalline panels are less expensive than Monocrystalline panels.

Luminous Solar Panel Price List 2020

Model/Watt Price (Rs.) Price/Watt
Luminous 40W Solar Panel Rs. 1,800 Rs. 45
Luminous 60W Solar Panel Rs. 2,700 Rs. 45
Luminous 75W Solar Panel Rs. 3,000 Rs. 40
Luminous 100W Solar Panel Rs. 3,800 Rs. 38
Luminous 160W Solar Panel Rs. 5,600 Rs. 35
Luminous 200W Solar Panel Rs. 7,000 Rs. 35
Luminous 200W Solar Panel Rs. 6,200 Rs. 31
Luminous 270W Solar Panel Rs. 8,370 Rs. 31
Luminous 325W Solar Panel Rs. 10,075 Rs. 31
Luminous 335W Solar Panel Rs. 10,385 Rs. 31
  • Luminous Solar Panel price in India is negotiable.
  • Safety is the core in each panel.
  • Special discounts on bulk orders is available.
  • Dealers and retailers get the best price.
  • Solar panels are extremely reliable as per weather conditions.
  • Advantageous warranty packages with better energy efficiency.

Features of Luminous solar panel

  • Luminous solar panels have high class conversion efficiency.
  • The panels are anti- reflective and Optic/Electric/ Mechanically tested.
  • Advanced EVA encapsulation with better module protection.
  • Lightweight with high torsion resistance for dramatic weather conditions.
  • Possesses high cell efficiency with high sunlight absorption.
  • Approved by IEC & MNRE.

Features of Luminous solar panel

  • Luminous solar panels have excellent low light performance
  • Backed by robust Research & Development for more reliability
  • Equipped with latest and advanced features
  • Equipped with strong aluminium frames for better durability
  • Better capability of light absorption
  • Customer trust with the brand’s name and quality
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Luminous Solar System Price

The complete cost of installing the solar system is calculated on the basis of Luminous solar panel price per watt. The price starts from Rs. 80,000 for 1kW on-grid solar system to Rs. 6 lakhs for 10kW on- grid solar system which also includes the tax, transportation and installation cost. However, the off-grid solar system is comparatively costlier due to the additional components like battery, grid box, charge controller, etc. The price of an off- grid solar system starts from Rs. 91,000 for 1kW system and goes till 7 lakhs for 10kW solar system.

Luminous OFF Grid Solar System Price List 2020
Model/Size Selling Price (Rs.)
1kw Luminous Off-Grid Solar System Rs.91,819
2kw Luminous Off-Grid Solar System Rs.1,79,531
3kw Luminous Off-Grid Solar System Rs.2,23,298
5kw Luminous Off-Grid Solar System Rs.3,89,149
6kw Luminous Off-Grid Solar System Rs.4,64,641
7.5kw Luminous Off-Grid Solar System Rs.5,43,725
10kw Luminous Off-Grid Solar System Rs.7,35,513

Above prices are after including tax, transportation and installation(No Hidden Charges). You can see the working, area required and complete products detail of these solar systems below.

Luminous ON Grid Solar System Price

Luminous ON Grid Solar System Price List 2020
Model/Size Selling Price (Rs.)
1kw Luminous On Grid Solar System Rs.80,000
2kw Luminous On Grid Solar System Rs.1,55,000
3kw Luminous On Grid Solar System Rs.2,25,000
5kw Luminous On Grid Solar System Rs.3,50,000
6kw Luminous On Grid Solar System Rs.4,20,000
8kw Luminous On Grid Solar System Rs.5,20,000
10kw Luminous On Grid Solar System Rs.6,00,000