Delta Solar Inverter


Delta is recognised as the world leader in power conversion technology. It offers a broad range of highly efficient solar inverters and accessories to suit the photovoltaic systems. The solar inverter brand uses high frequency topology and MPPT technology. They are compatible with all types of solar panels such as crystalline and thin film panels.
Delta’s solar inverters cater to the diverse requirements of residential, commercial and utility scale projects. The solar inverters are multifaceted and come with a warranty of 5 years (extendable to 10 years). Each inverter offered by Delta is customised according to the Indian grid systems. They are easier to install, maintain and monitor. Furthermore, with long service life, the inverters are highly efficient in converting solar energy into electrical energy which further needs to be converted into acceptable form for running the electrical devices.


Delta is a global leader in offering high performance solar solutions with international facilities setup all over the globe. The price range of Delta solar inverters start from Rs. 42,000 for 3kW solar inverter to Rs. 2,10,000 for 50kW solar inverter.



Delta On Grid Solar Inverter Price List 2020

Delta Inverter Model kW Rating Selling Price
3 kW on grid solar inverter
3 kW 1Phase
Rs. 42,000
5 kW on grid solar inverter
5 kW 1Phase
Rs. 56,000
6 kW on grid solar inverter
6 kW 3Phase
Rs. 85,000
10 kW on grid solar inverter
10 kW 3Phase
Rs. 95,000
15 kW on grid solar inverter
15 kW 3Phase
Rs. 1,30,000
20 kW on grid solar inverter
20 kW 3Phase
Rs. 1,35,000
30 kW on grid solar inverter
30 kW 3Phase
Rs. 1,40,000
50 kW on grid solar inverter
50 kW 3Phase
Rs. 2,30,000